Our Blind Repair and Installation service is available to clients throughout the Gold Coast. We can provide genuine advice on whether your should replace or repair your existing blinds. Professional installation will mean the finished result is tidy and attractive. Extra slats or length is removed, cords trimmed to appropriate size and alignment and function is perfect.

Many cheaper imported brands are not made to last and the components can fail fairly quickly. These types of blinds are made to be replaced rather than repaired and often parts are not available for the imported blinds. We supply pre-fab Venetian and Holland blinds chosen for their quality not price.

We also offer advice on the style of blind which is most suitable for your application. Installing the wrong style of blind can reduce available light, create wind gust / noise issues and other issues.

We can repair, clean or replace the following:

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Holland Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Curtain Tracks & Repairs

At Re-Blind we stock two types of blind:

Premium Best Quality Locally Manufactured Blinds

Locally manufactured Uniline blinds will last much longer than imported, and in the end become better value for money because of lower maintenance.

Features of this style of blind include:

  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Made to Fit
  • More Durable
  • Repair parts available if needed
  • U.V. protected

Premium Quality Imported Blinds

Whilst we prefer to recommend local blinds due to the superior quality, in some instances budget dictates that customers will require something more affordable. We have sourced the best imported blinds in the affordable section of the market and can provide our customers with this option if required.

Features of this style of blind include:

  • Selected for durability and best available quality
  • Imported Blinds (sold as of the shelf blinds)
  • Standard Stock Sizes (limited cut down available)
  • Limited 12 months Warranty (most parts not available)

Note: Many of the large retail chains stock the cheapest available blinds, unfortunately these blinds are stocked due to price alone and the quality is often inferior. Whilst our blinds are affordable too, they also will last longer than the discount chain's stock.


We supply pre-fab Venetian and Holland blinds chosen for their quality not price.